Sikar, March,10: Reporter was attacked during his live video within CPI party office here at Sikar. The reporter Dr. Yashwant Choudhary who was allegedly threatened on mobile call by CPI workers at 4:23pm from mobile number else to remove certain video and polls from the local news portal.
The reporter reached party office around 6pm and asked to meet party officials but was denied about their presence. As it was clearly evident that there were officials inside and the reporter is not willingly allowed to meet them, the reporter took the threat as offical threat from party and started live video.
Dr. Yashwant Choudhary is known for all round criticism of government polices and covered lot of AIKS (All India Kisan Sabha) agitations. See the video recorded live

Four Men attacked reporter during live video

Four men, the identitites of two are identified as Subhash Jakhar and Suresh Bagaria have been established who approached furiously without knowing the fact that there was live session on mobile and attacked 

CPI (M) leader Mahavir approves attack 

After attack, Dr. Yashwant reached Amraram's residence but he already knew Amraram may not be present but was sure that his son who is also a sarpanch should be there with his previous experience and knowledge about locality. The reporter started live session again from outside the residence and was hesistant to enter without few people start watching. After a minute he reached Mahavir Singh son of amraram and asked if he approves or disapproves the act, but mahavir singh in subtle voice approved assault.

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